Depression? Really? One Shepherd’s journey…{part 4}

Some men keep everything! I’m Glad they do. But some stuff needs to go.

One Shepherd's Stance

Let’s see…where were we?

I was separated and going through divorce and custody proceedings. That dragged on for a couple years. I just went through the motions mostly…day to day…blah, blah…

Family and friends helped out exponentially with the girls while I had them (which was pretty much all the time), but my life was just feeling monotonous. I needed a change, not just personally, but geographically, mentally, something…

Christmas came that year and I received a card from an old friend. Inside was a note that read, ‘If you and your family are ever in the area, stop by, I’d love to see you’. I’d seen this friend a couple times over the years, she had met my wife one time (who was pregnant with our second) and my oldest daughter, It was a nice sentiment, so I held onto the card.

What she didn’t know was that I was split and available…

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