Part 8 – Submit to Who? Him YOU got to be Kidding?

Okay, back to the story this will be the last part on here. You will just have to wait for the book to get the rest of the story!

We are doing better, or at least okay! Scott got a job, we have moved out of the apartments and into a little house close to the church. Which is good since we are there almost every day of the week. It isn’t a fancy place, kind of one of those that were built-in the 40’s maybe; all old wood, right across the street from the rail road tracks. I remember when the trains would come by, the windows would rattle so bad because all the caulking had fallen out of the window frames, it would drive me nuts. Well, I did grow up helping my step dad fix things up around the house, but we didn’t have any money for caulking so I use my glue gun and the glue sticks to fill the spaces up. It really worked on the rattling and stopped the wind from blowing through to.

So you get the point; old house but not an apartment, it had a nice backyard for the kids to play in. Someone from church had given us a swing set, for the first time I could grow a garden. As a kid I was outside all the time to get away from things inside. I loved the dirt, is was like therapy for me to dig up the ground and plant veggies and watch them grow, then be able to eat what you had grown. It couldn’t be flower’s because that just was a waste of time, and water. It had to be something you could eat. (I know, a little nuts)  I remember I grew cauliflower and broccoli that year. I was so excited until I cooked the cauliflower; there was all of these black spots in it, (I had not put any pepper in the cauliflower) the spots were bugs. Then when a big green worm crawled off the fresh broccoli, no one would eat anything out of the garden that year. Needless to say I have had many gardens over the years but I have never grown cauliflower or broccoli again!

People ask, “Were we ever temped to go back to drugs?” I have to say for me No!

Important things that made that happen are; I knew if I did God would take my life! He had saved it once, I didn’t believe He would do it again. Plus we had given up all of our old friends and moved away. Even though we didn’t move far it was far enough to be out of the circle of influences we had on us, and we had church, church, church, every day. Yes I have said it before; I traded one addiction for another; drugs for the One and only Living God, my Savior. I would do it again and again, but if that is what I need to do to keep me clean, (19 years baby!) then that is how I walk. Everyone’s walk is different.

There was one time that I thought Scott was back into it again. It scared me half to death.  He had all of a sudden started dropping the pounds that we both had put on after getting clean. He said he was not doing drugs, but I didn’t believe him so I made him go to the Doctor to get checked out. It turned out he had a problem with his thyroid.”Praise the Lord! It wasn’t drugs,” Graves disease, an over active thyroid that is controllable with medication.

At church we have been getting involved in all  kinds of things with the kids and helping in Awana’s.  They were loving it, earning patches and learning their verses each week. Scott is meeting with one of the associate pastors named Iral, he is really nice he keeps the bottom draw of his desk full of candy for the kids at church. I have been helping to fold bulletins, plus getting to know some of the stay at home mom’s.

The new believer’s classes are going good. So far we started out in the gospel of John; it is the best place to explain the character of Jesus to someone who is new to faith. You see the power of God in the book of John, and the sacrifice that Jesus gave for each one of us. Then we go to Ephesians were it lay’s out God’s purpose for the church; that we are to have unity, what the spiritual gifts are, that we are new in the Lord,(No sinning) Love one another, hang out in the light, keep learning, wives submit to your husbands, children obey your parents, Stop the bus right here and back it up! Was that about Wives?

Yes, about that time I stopped listening. What do you mean submit to my “husband” . I don’t think God knows who I’m married to. I do not trust him, I don’t trust anyone to make the choices for me, let alone a man. Every man in my life has either beat me or used me, I take care of me. It was hard just learning that God was a loving heavenly Father, all the fathers I had ever known didn’t love in a right way. So to be told that God is now asking me to submit to a man who I don’t even trust. That was something I couldn’t do at the time.

I want to thank you for reading our story. You will have to wait for the book for all the rest of it. Come back and see what else I blog about though!


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