A Mom should be Proud!

Did you see the story on yahoo yesterday about the teen mom who’ picture was not printed in her yearbook because she had it taken with her baby?

Yes, kids are having babies in high school I know that is appalling right! That they would still finish school and want to have their picture in the yearbook just like all of their other classmates, get real. They got pregnant and had a kid that is like having the plague, until you are out of school that is.

Well in this girls case all was fine, she had the schools support while she was pregnant and going to school even when she went in for the photo’s nothing was said about holding the baby. In fact you were allowed to use props in the pic’s of what you are proud of like footballs, basketballs, medals or instruments. So why not a baby?

Two teen mom’s posed with their babies and both of the mom’s pictures were banded. The school claimed it might promote teen pregnancy. Now I might understand that point if it was not for one of the other photo’s that was allowed in the yearbook of a teen mom-to-be who posed with her hands around her stomach. Kinda make you wonder? 

All of this is along way from what happen in my day, I was not even allowed to attended school pregnant, I had to do independent study until the baby was born and I could go back to school.

I am proud of these mom’s that they are staying in school and finishing their education and unfortunately this is just one time, and not the only time in their life’s that people will put them down for the choice to be proud of being a young MOM.

If you would like to also read a lovely story for a wonderful woman, who I have had the pleasure of know for a long time, since she to was in high school. She and her husband are now expecting a baby, she started a blog about it, it is the most beautiful thing I have ever read and just wish that it could be this way for every baby. Check it out lanza410.blogspot.com but be warned you will need tissue, I know  I did but then I am getting all smooshy in my old age.


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3 thoughts on “A Mom should be Proud!

  1. shianwrites May 5, 2013 at 4:42 pm Reply

    Wow, I agree. They were brave and it should have been allowed.

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