Nip and a tuck! A Face lift for my birthday?

I cried when I had seen it, it was an old friend, one that had been around for so long that I can’t even remember when it became part of my life.

The lady that made it had long since past. She was my grandma Blanch, and she made quilts that lasted. She would sit on her end of the couch forever sniping fabric into little squares; in all colors and textures they came. I never remember them ever being different sizes, but that may be because I was little.

She never bought fabric from a store, she used old clothes to make her quilts. So when she was done with the topper, you could see the sun dress she had made for you before when you were three.

Like I said, my grandma has been gone for some time now, I have two of her lovely quilts she had made over the years. They are well loved and showing their years with little rips and tears;getting tread bare in spots. I hate to use them but I just can’t put them up.

I have started making quilts for my grand kids to use as they grow up. My youngest daughter begged me as she was moving out to take one of the quilts with her. She said, “It’s been on my bed all of these years, you can’t take it from me now Mom!”  I did give her the quilt, even though it was falling apart. It was part of my grandma, her great grandma, that could move out.

It had been three years since that day. Our youngest has rented rooms here and there as she has worked her way through school. We just celebrated the completion of her Culinary certificate program and her finally getting her own first place. It happened to also be my birthday; she gave me a friend she had moved from place to place.

She had taken some time, to sit on the couch, to nip, and tie, and to stitch. To loving put back what time had undone; given a face lift so it could be loved for many more years to come.

What could a Mother say but thank you for loving me in this way!ImageImage


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One thought on “Nip and a tuck! A Face lift for my birthday?

  1. Salli May 27, 2013 at 8:12 pm Reply

    Beautiful gift!

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