Monday Suck!!!

Okay I know for the world Monday is the most hated day on the plant, but add to it that it is the 3rd of the month and it sucks the life out of me and I want to die!!!!

You ask why? 

I have to go to Costco! 

Do I really need to say anything more? Everyone and there Mommy got there checks and are at Costco on the 3rd. 

Unlike me I am the every Monday like clock work to buy what I need for my business, so it does not really matter much what the date is to me.

I have really had to spend some time in prayer on this, I can become a very anger person in Costco, believe it or not. That place just seems to do something to me that I don’t understand. Maybe it is the food pushers at the end of each isle, I just want to get to the cheese please I don’t want to taste that crap get out of my with before I punch you in the head please. I feel like stuffing my pockets with meatballs and bribing people to get out of the way.

Oh how I digress, I really am better these days, I take a deep breath and know that God is in control. I pray that if it is his will I will get out of here with out losing my cool.

Happy Monday.  


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