When your appetite is gone

Anna has a great way to share things. This really make me think.

anorexiaI have a confession.

A hidden secret that I’ve been keeping in the dark.

Something I would never want to admit to any other Christian that I know because I am so ashamed of it.

Sometimes, I struggle with anorexia.

Life gets too busy and I lose my appetite to eat between all my running around from one place and one task to another.

Or I get lazy and don’t want to spend time preparing a healthy meal so I just skip a meal. Or two. Or three.

And other times I have a delicious meal sitting right in front of me just calling my name. But I have no desire to take a single bite no matter how tasty it looks.

Sometimes, I just don’t want to eat.

It’s been a struggle I’ve had for years since I was still a little girl.

Sometimes I overcome it, sometimes I…

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