Just One person can make a difference.

This last week has been suicide prevention week all over the country. There have been activities to mark the week and show the world we care about suicide prevention. All of these events are to help break down the stigma and taboo that surrounds suicide.

The WalkOut of Darkness that my honey and I attended was one of the largest in California, it was held in Bakersfield. The lady who has got this off the ground and rolling is Ellen Eggert, she has given it her all for the last four years to make it what it is today. Props to Ellen for all she does for suicide prevention, she has a amazing story that fuels her passion.walk

Over 380 walkers showed up to support their loved ones. Some just gone in the last 30 days, others gone for many years, but still they show up and walk in their memory so they can make a difference in just one more life.

You may say, “How can I make a difference?”
Do You Care?
Do You See The Need?
Then Take a Class?
I know there is one near you.
Look it up.

Just one person, caring enough, can make a difference.


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