What a build-a-bear Year!

We are blessed to have four beautiful grand-daughters, ranging in age from 2-4. Yes they are all very close in age, we were blessed with all of them within two years by two different daughters.

As we were at the hospital getting our very first baby Elizabeth Jo Ann Lowry,

ImageWe were told, “hope you like this hospital we will be here in 7 months” by one of our other daughters.

Sure enough 7 months later here comes Emmalyn Marie Bechtel Emmalyn 2+ months 010

Then Grand-baby #1 shows up to visit Papa & Grammie, she did bring her mommy and daddy with her but we all know it is all about the baby now. Right!

What is this she is wearing? ‘I’m going to be a big sister now!’ t-shirt? Yes, in just 7 months here comes Annabelle Dawn Lowry

February '11 babies 042

right before Christmas, what a present! But it doesn’t stop there not with our girls! Christmas day Emmalyn shows Grammie her cute shirt!

Look who’s going to be a big Sister! That is right, number four 7 months later Mackenzie Renee Bechtel.

mac pic
Wow 0-4 in 2 years what a blessing it has been.

Only one draw back, my daughters are selfish should I say, not really willing to give up the babies and they blame me! Telling me that I raised them to want to be mom’s and to want to spend time with their kids, and they don’t feel the need to ‘pawn’ them off on Grandparents.

Pawn? Pawn? I say, “you are not pawning them off, merely letting your Mom have her grand-baby without you getting in the way.” Funny how they would just smile at me and say, “in time Mom, in time.”

Well I was tired of waiting for special alone time so I came up with a plan. Annabelle’s birthday was coming up, she was going to be two. That would be a great age to take her to Build-a-bear. It will be a special day just the three of us. It is a gift, how could they turn us down?

The day was planned and we picked her up. Our son-in-law took a picture of her before we left. I asked if that was so he could put out an APB if we didn’t come back on time, he just smiled and said, “could be”. Well that was okay with me, we were going to have a blast and that we did.

We hit the mall and Build-a-bear where Annabelle pick out a hot pink Kitty Cat. She stuffed it and gave it a bath, then picked out a dress, and gave it a name. What fun we had at Build-a-bear. We worked up an appetite so out to lunch we go. Hey, we are driving right by Rosamond so we stop to see the big cats at the Cat House there. Bonds were made and no one had to send out a APB.

Something beyond what I imagined was started that day. The other three grand-daughters saw the spoils and heard about the date with Grammie and Papa. They too wanted to know when they would get to go. So that was the beginning of the “Build-a-bear year”.annabell kitty cat

Each girl on their birthday got a date with Grammie and Papa to go make a friend. Not to always do the same thing each time, but always have a blast. I can’t even say that we even built a bear; we have a pink kitty cat for Annabelle, a pink my little pony for Emmalyn, a brown monkey for Mackenzie, and a white cat for Elizabeth, all with outfits as you can see. Some would say that Build-a-bear is expensive, but as you can see the time spent was priceless to me.Emmalyn build a bear 013

Side note; I do get to babysit from time to time now too! LOL

Plus we have our first grandson on the way, but it will be a few years before his Build-a-bear day.  lulu catmac's monkey


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