Will you be a Bother in the End? I will!



The loss of a good friend a few weeks ago; it was both a sad and happy event in my life.

I was sad to no longer have her here as an impact in my life. Each time I would see her she was the kind of person that always made a difference in someone’s life just by who she was.

More importantly; I was happy that she was no longer in pain. Her day to day suffering was over. She is now in the arms of our Lord with a new heavenly body that will serve her well throughout eternity.


She had been ready to go home for so long; ready to leave this world. Her only fault that I saw in her was that she never wanted to be a bother to anyone. This dear sweet person, who gave everything she had to everyone in life, always had more to give, was never a bother.  


This brings me to my point; at her memorial both friends and family attended. As family had grown up and moved away to start their lives as families all do, this dear sweet soul stayed here where she was at home with her honey and friends to share their life.


As time moved on and her husband was lost, she still had her home and friends to fill the gap. Sure, family came to visit and made new memories before they had to go.


Time ticked on and friends passed on, soon the “three musketeers” were down to just one.


Her health was failing and going fast. Family wants her to move closer to them in order to help, maybe to a care home like the one my daughter works in Danish Care Center, but she doesn’t want to be a bother, not here near the end.


No amount of begging or pleading could tell her she’s not a bother; friends do what they can for her when she would let them. But she doesn’t want to be a bother.


She wants to stay in her home and die here that is her wish. It is granted and done.


At the memorial the family told stories of a younger person who played and laughed with them. Then they asked for stories from her friends who had known her at the last.


What are we giving up to stay with our stuff? A house full of memories of a husband that we loved and is no longer here. Don’t get me wrong, friends are great, but in the end; give me a day with my family to make more memories.


So watch out guys, I will be a bother in the end. Life is not about a house or stuff, it is about the people that love us, for me this is my choice.


Tell me what you think, what would you do?



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2 thoughts on “Will you be a Bother in the End? I will!

  1. happiday63 October 1, 2013 at 9:42 am Reply

    You said it, ” but in the end; give me a day with my family to make more memories.”

    • Deena Siddle October 1, 2013 at 10:02 am Reply

      Stuff will never make you happy, you may be uncomfortable and out of place for a time but you will be with people that love you.

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