What have you been called to do?

I never asked that question until recently, it was more of I followed my husband in doing his thing. As with most wives that is the way a marriage goes we follow our husbands in their calling.

Well when my husband came to me and told me that he was being called to be a pastor, I laughed liked Sarai did in the bible when the angel said she would have a baby in her old age.

You have to understand; yes I was and still am a Christian and love the Lord God with all my heart, But! I know there shouldn’t be any buts when it comes to my walk with the Lord, but I am human and still working on things when he came to me and told me this as I drag on the cigarette in my hand. (See what I mean how many pastor’s wives do you know that smoke?)

The first words out of my mouth of course had to be some thing so stupid “then God must mean for you to get a divorce, because I can’t be a pastor’s wife.”

We had that conversation so many years ago; it still makes me laugh at how God can change a heart if you let him.

I can’t say the road has always been an easy one, many tears have falling along the way on this path that God has placed before me. Someone always has an idea of how I could be better at doing my roll. I was even told once I would be his down fall.

It was not my calling, but I have been called to submit to husband and over the years I have learned that I am called to love people, which is what each and every one of us is called to do. Really that is the main job that a pastor’s wife does other then take care of her husband first and foremost.

A lot of churches believe that when they hire a pastor that they are getting a ready made person to run the nursery, women’s ministry, food for the sick, clean the church or what ever it is they think should be her job.  They hired him they get her for free to do all the things at church if no one volunteers.

Well as a pastor’s wife I am here to tell you wrong, wrong, wrong, as a church you hired him period.  As the wife I get the same rights as you do attending the church to volunteer or not.

My Job is to take care of my husband first and last, if I have time to serve the church more, great! I hope that some of you young pastor’s wives will read this and see that as you are raising your family and killing yourselves trying to do it all, you are not doing anyone any good not even your husband.

Pick the things you love to do, the things God calls you to, and spend your time on those things. Others will come and fill in the places that need to be filled or not. If not then maybe those are not a program that needs to be there everything has a season even programs.

I am blessed that at this season in my life that I can do more at church, I no longer have the kids at home to take care of, I enjoy the ministry’s that I work with, but still please don’t ask me to do the nursery.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month one of the best ways to appreciate your pastor ladies is to be his wife first, and then be the pastor’s wife.



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5 thoughts on “What have you been called to do?

  1. Ann "afriend4ever54" Friend October 17, 2013 at 1:21 pm Reply

    Amen! Great post! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face 😄 God bless you!!

    • Deena Siddle October 17, 2013 at 1:36 pm Reply

      Thanks for reading Ann, you are always encouraging to me.

      • Ann "afriend4ever54" Friend October 17, 2013 at 8:13 pm

        Glory to God! Thank you for your kind words 😄 We encourage each other 😄

  2. devynstella October 23, 2013 at 2:37 pm Reply

    WoW! what an eye opener. bless you.

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