What did I Just say?


I know I’m not alone in this; it is something that each and every woman and little girl goes through in life. We say that it will never happen to us, “No, not me, I will never be like her when I grow up, not me! I will do it so much better then she did!”

Then one day without even knowing how it happens, out pop the words of your mother from your mouth! You clamp your lips shut so tight as fast as you can, hoping at first no one heard and no more will come out.

When we are small we watch our mommy’s and want to be just like them. They are our heroes, our protectors. Or most mommies’ are, some are not, and even those little girls look to their mommies’ to see who they should be.

As time goes by, I call it God’s perfect design, it helps us to let them go. Our little girls become these young women that – let’s just say – make us pray.

It is at that time they will say, “I will do it better with my daughter some day.”

Time will pass, just wait and see, soon she will be a mom of two or three and when she least expects it, she will hear your words come out of her mouth, she will be stunned and shocked.

My prayer is that a smile will then spread across her face as she realizes that it is not a bad thing to be like mom after all.

So no matter what age your children are lead by example, for all eyes are watching and they will grow up to be like you good or bad. They see what you are doing each and everyday. Are you helping those around you along the way, do you give of your time or sit and watch TV, and yell for them to go play and leave you be?

What kind of mommy do you what your daughter to be?


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