Dog Support!


Eight years ago on a Christmas tree lot, our teenage daughter was helping at a school fund raiser for Future Farmers of America or FFA. FFA is a real big thing here in our small town and we love to support them. Our daughter was involved all throughout high school.

We show up to get our tree that day and she comes running up to the truck with a puppy in her hands.

Instantly my husband puts the truck in reverse and starts to back away shaking his head “no way”.

“But Daddy”, she begs and pleads; she tells of the story that several pups had been found abandoned down by the flume. Many had already found a home, “Daddy, this is the last one! Please can I have him!” she begs. Of course looking at him with her puppy sad eyes.

Dad is a hard nut to crack, he said “No! You will leave in three years or so for college and I will be stuck with this dog to take care of.”

Mom was not much help to Dad; I had to remind him that he was the one who brought home how many dogs over the years as a kid? Should we call his Mom ask?

That little ball of fluff came home with us that day! His name is Murphy or some times Moose. He does stand about three feet tall, weighs about 70lbs, and loves to cuddle.

Daddy was right, the kid did move away after awhile, as all kids are meant to do! But she wanted us to know that Murphy is always, has been, and will be her dog no matter how long we have him. So she pays us dog support, twenty dollars a month to care for her dog, and has for the last three years.Image

Now the day she moved out, that very night Murphy had his first seizure! After a trip to the vet and tests, the best that we can tell is that it is separation anxiety that set the seizures off. He has had them ever since she has been gone. She is a good dog mom and pays for his meds and his vet bills too, even if she has to work extra to cover them, he is her dog after all.

All this may be coming to an end. Got a call that she is looking at a house today where she can have Murphy, so the support might be coming to an end soon. I for one will miss Murphy.

(editors note, eg; the Dad…I was unaware of the phone call that transpired until I was asked to edit this post! They have a tendency to gang up on me like that, just like they did when Murphy came into our family. Welp, I guess this means our other dog Tekoa will need a new friend and room mate!)


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