Have you hit the limit?




So you survived Thanksgiving and Christmas are you ready for the New Year to be here and just get on with it? Have you had family overload yet?

Or are you wishing that you had family to bug you?  You are all alone for the holidays and resent everyone complaining about what they have. You would cut off your left arm to have a weird Uncle Jack that dresses up like Elvis and only eats tofu key and bean dip. Ya he is fun about an hour after dinner, he blame’s it on the dog we all know it’s him.

In our family years ago as our kids started to get married when there became more families to consider for holiday time, plus adding to the fact that we are already his, mine and ours. We started rescheduling the holiday with our kids. Why because with four kids I want to have all of them, not just part of them this year and then part next year, get what I mean. If I pick a different day and call it Thanksgiving and we all make it then it is still Thanksgiving.

I am blessed that all my children and grand-kids live within a few hours of me at this point in time that has not always been to case, so I don’t always get them all home.

Christmas is a different story, I came from a divorced family and I had to go to everyone’s house on Christmas so it was open a present put it back in a bag, move on to the next house never getting to really play with any of my new toys along the way. It was a bummer for a little kid.

So we told our children stay home Christmas day! Let your kids play if the grandparents want to see them let them come over. Yes I know there are a lot of us his, hers, ex’s, in-laws, out-laws, all the laws and don’t forget great grandparents too. Hey invite them all and if they come great we can all get along for a day for the love of sweet little girls on Christmas day.

Yes we have a family Christmas later with just us but that is in January which is great shopping the after Christmas sales for half the rate.

This is what our family has chosen to do to help lessen the burden that holiday can bring I know it is all most over but you have a whole year to be think of how you can do it better next year. Start now make to the change get on you knees and ask God to give you guidance and strength for the up coming year.

I pray you will have a blessed New Year and thank you for spending your time with me and my thoughts along the way.


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