I don’t want to be disposable!


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We have become a world of disposable items for almost everything, creating a big waste problem and the need to recycle. We have all heard it, used it, and are even forced into it in some places to reduce and reuse items.

I for one don’t want to be a recycled person, someone’s reused leftovers. Marriage should not be one of the things that we treat as something disposable.

 God hates divorce! Why? In Mark 10 it tells us that Gods perfect plan was for one man and one woman to be joined together as one flesh, so then they are no longer two, but one flesh. What God joined together, let no man separate.

Even way back in biblical days people were divorcing all the time, it was a problem then as it still is a problem now. I just believe that we have the power to make a difference in the outcome of our lives if we are willing to try.

So in my marriage to Scott, there have been three times that I have almost walked away and said no more. Each of those times I didn’t believe we could make it one more day the way we were going, but I had to trust someone else to lead me,”Who?”, you ask – God!

The first time was when we first came out of drugs. It had nothing to do with my attempting suicide or any of that, you can check out our story in the archives under the birth of a book. The first six years of our marriage was in a life of drugs so I didn’t know who I was really married to.

He had no idea who he was without the drugs because he had been using for 13 years; I was broken and unwilling to bend any longer to his will. I didn’t think we could stay clean, married and learn to walk with the Lord together.  Most couples don’t make it out of that lifestyle together; it was only by the grace of God that we made it. 

How? By hanging onto God as I learned to trust Scott as a man, as my husband; Scott hanging on to God as he had to hear the words from his wife; that I was unable to trust him as a man, but I faith that he was seeking God’s will for our lives.

It was a day by day walk not only with the Lord as our lead, but teaching us who we are as people and as a couple. To this day people ask us why we spend so much time together; I believe it is because for almost 20 years now that is how we found out who we are was together.

So that was the first time I was going to divorce Scott; had the ring off and was ready to head off on my own. But God had other plans, and I listened.  

 You will have to come back for round two.


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