Where is all the time going?

Okay this is just a random rant post I know I am trying to write a deep piece on divorce and that people are just trowing each other away without give it a chance to work and grow. I will get to the rest of that story here soon I promise you, it is worth waiting for (well of course I am going to say that).

Any ways back to my rant for today, when we sold the Coffee house back in Aug, I was to have all this time to write and be creative. I am not sure that was a good idea. First I don’t seem to have anytime to write and when I do I am not really feeling all that creative at all. 

Now it is months later and I look at some of the projects that I wanted to work on and they are not that much farther along. My house is not cleaner and in more order, so I know I have not been doing that, I am not in better shape even if I have been giving that a try here and there.

So where has the time gone and what has sucked the drive to share?

Or could it be that for all of my 49 years I have ran the race of go, go, go, go, go, that I didn’t know how to stop, and now that I have I am having trouble staring again.

All very good questions running around in my head as I have to get out the final W-2’s for our shop.

Thanks for reading my rants.   


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2 thoughts on “Where is all the time going?

  1. kayesims January 17, 2014 at 3:15 pm Reply

    Deena, I’ve been having similar thoughts – wondering where my time goes and why I am not pushing myself harder. I’m experimenting with different concepts – like focusing on only one project at a time even though there are dozens of projects I’d like to get done. For example, now that we are settled in at our winter home, I decided to set aside this first full week here for reading. I’m doing some writing, too, but I’m telling myself that I don’t have to do anything but reading – and I can read whatever I feel like. It has been good.

    • Deena Siddle January 17, 2014 at 4:09 pm Reply

      Thanks Kaye for the input maybe if I try that it will help I just feel at the end of each day I should have got more done. Yet I do get things done it is not like I sit here eating bon bons. LOL

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