What a difference a Year makes!


Yesterday was our 26th Anniversary and boy was it different than any other.

We didn’t buy each other a card to say I love you, or anything funny or sexy stuff.

We quit buying cards years ago…….

When we both bought the same card for each other, sweet right?

Years past we have done the dinner out on the town, but my honey makes a better steak at home for ¼ the price.

Last year we did the big renew the vows and went on a cruise that was fun we had a great time.

But there was still a lot of hard work to still do in our marriage at the time to make it still work.

So what made this year so different you might be asking?

We did take a trip, last week took four days out of town and went skiing, had a great time.

The normal in years passed if we had done something like that, would then be when the real day comes around to just go about life. That was my plan I had bible study and he had a school board meeting, we had already had our time.

Not this year my honey informed me he was not going to his board meeting it was our Anniversary and he would like to have a date with me could I please skip my bible study.

Wow! Right what a difference.

Now we didn’t go for the big dinner or anything like that, no simple things are what we like to do so this was my date and it was great.

We washed my car, had a nice lunch, shopped at goodwill and found some good deals, bought some shoes with a coupon and groceries too and topped it off with yogurt for a treat.

No fancy words said for others on Facebook to read we said them to each other instead and went to bed.

It was a great day just my honey and me, a great way to spend an anniversary.


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3 thoughts on “What a difference a Year makes!

  1. foreverhis777 March 14, 2014 at 10:19 pm Reply

    Glad it was a sweet one!

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