So the question is; How is the book going?




A few people have asked recently how my book is going. I can understand and do appreciate the inquiry; it lets me know you are interested.

The thing is; last year at this time I was diligently working on my book, the story of how God saved me from suicide and led me away from a life of drugs and abuse.

I truly feel called to tell this story and if you go to the archives, you can find it in birth of a book.  Many people believed in me and helped me to go to the She Speaks Conference. I met with publishers and learned more about being a writer. It was very rewarding and time well spent.

The publishers liked what I had to show them, one said it needed work, but it was good and relevant. All great things you want to hear a publisher say about your work.

There was one that had something else to say though and it has made me stop and rethink what and how I what to tell my story.


The first draft of my story, like what you can find here in my blog as you read it, most likely would invoke sympathy, or even understanding for where I have come from, because you yourself have been there too.


As I grow as a writer I would like to draw more from you than sympathy, or an emotion for what I have been through. I want to show you how it made me draw closer to God, and inspire you to want the same in your life too.  


So I think the first draft was a purging more for me then for anyone else; to help me let go of all the feelings I may have buried or hidden away. To remember things I had forgotten or didn’t want to think about.


Now as I work on my story, you as the reader don’t really need to know all the gory details of my abuse or my attempted suicide to understand where my thoughts are and how God helped me.


So just know it is still a work in progress and has not been forgotten.  



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