What rolls around in my noodle will show in my life!

If you are like me you think about all kinds of things at any given time, most of the time at the same time.

My family tells me that some of the things in my noodle should never see the like of day, please filter them out.noodles

Some of what might be rolling around my noodle could be old stuff that the enemy throws in there every now and then to get me off track. I just have to remember who author of these lies are and move on. God has made me wonderful and beautiful, and I am precious in His sight and no lie the enemy can tell me will destroy what God has made.

There’s are random wondering thoughts that visit for a while like an old friends call it’s a dream or wish. Those are the thoughts that if you act on them can actually come to fruition. Any thought I’ve given time and energy can actually go from being a dream or just a thought to actually becoming a fact.

As an example later this month myself and my husband our four children, their spouses( the ones with spouses) and five grandchildren, all will be going camping. Now that not only took thought but planning a lot of planning to be prepared to go with everyone’s schedule, but once it is all planned we should have a great time.

A simpler example is we live 50 miles from Costco so when we plan to go shopping you have to make a list or you’re liable to forget something and it’s not easy to turn around and go back, it is a whole another day of shopping.

My point is what we think about is and what we make plans for it is what we do, are you making plans to spend time with God today?

If God is not in your thought process or in your plans then He’s not going to be active in your life, is your Bible getting dusty? Do you only bring it out for Sunday morning? Are you even going to church any more? Oh you keep meaning to, but something always comes up.

We will make time for what is important to us! My family is important to me so I make time for them, Is God important to you? There is nobody more important to God than you, He died for you plan to stop by and see Him soon.


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