Are you looking for More in life?

Do you wake up each day with the hope of More.

But More of What?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Money and all the things that you could do? Knowing all the good and wonderful things you could do if you had more of it right! Even for the Kingdom of God if you just had more.

How about more time? We all need more of that in the day to do all the things that we never get done, like spending time with our loved ones, or stopping by to see that friend we know is having a hard time after losing her husband last year, or even taking time to spend time in the Fathers Word that sets you on the right path each day. But hey, did you see who got kicked off of Survivor last night I can’t believe the blind side.

Fame?, hey I would love to have everyone know my name, remember that bar on that show in 80’s everyone knew you there and it was great.  Now I believe when we think of more now it is in a bigger realm, with the web and blogs like this one, you can be known by millions, even if you are no one really. (Not that I am) You don’t have to be a big actor on TV or in a movie.  Is that the more you hunger for?

More love?, now this one knows no social or economical boundaries, no matter who you are or how much you have you need to be loved and have the desire to love someone back. Some will think this is a physical act and try to conquer as many as possible in their life time and will be left empty and alone.  God is the one who can fill the empty feeling of not being loved.

When we what more and believe that our heart is in the right place what do we do?

I go to God and seek, ask, and knock as His word has instructed me to do; sometimes I even get what I am asking for. I do not go with a grocery list of what’s from my Lord and Savior, He knows the desires of my heart before I speak them, yet He would still like to hear me ask.

Why? Why do you make your children ask for what you know they want? To help them learn who has provided it, where it came from, by whose hand it has come from, by His will not your own?

What if God is asking you for more?

Tugging at your heart and asking for more time, money, love, faith, from you! Are you willing to give Him what He is asking?

I am having that tug, I’m not sure what the more is right now other than God wants a deeper relationship with me than ever before. So it is starting with my time, I know there is more I will be asked for soon, the Sprit is telling me to be ready! For what I don’t know, just be ready and willing when my Father asks me for more.

Will you be ready when asked for more?

Please pray for me!



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