What are you searching for?

When we search now-a-days there are so many ways you can do it. You can speak your request into the air and your phone or tablet will seek out the information you are looking for; most likely more than you ever want to know on the subject or thing you’re searching for.Image

Plus you can use all kinds of search engines now; Ask, Bing, Google are only a few. Is one really better than the other? I don’t know. I have my preferred search engine that I like to use just because, not that it is better, just because it is the one I use.

Have you ever started out searching for something and ended up hours later wondering where the time has gone?

It is like the vortex of Walmart, there is no space time continuum in Walmart! I know this for a fact; you go in for one thing and only one thing. Three hours later you walk out with bags and bags of stuff because you just can’t pass up the deals! It’s like the food pushers at Costco, you just have to take the snack on the toothpick and try it, even if you hate it you will wait for it because it is free.

“Okay” see how easy it is to be sucked in to the vortex. (Mini vortex about Costco)

I asked what you have been searching for. Is it a new job, someone new to share your life (yes there are many fish out there), a new home (some place to start over), what are you running from? 

Or to answer the question of; why do I feel so empty?

It doesn’t matter what search engine you use, there is only one answer for this question.

Where are you with God!

When was the last time you called home and talked to your Heavenly Father?

He has placed the need in your heart to speak to Him and to seek Him out! You will only find peace with the Father.

20 years ago my need was so great that I chose to die to hide from it! But the Father saved me so today I could write to you and call to you! To tell you that you are loved above no other, no matter what you have done.

No Matter what you believe about yourself; GOD loves you as HIS Precious daughter or son and you have worth to Him, even if no one else says you do, God in all His glory says you are wonderful, beautiful and loved.  

Come to the Father and be saved.  Find a church to attend Easter services and give it all to the Father; start over again, the search will be over.

See you on the other side.



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