The past we run from may just one day help someone!

I have been really busy lately in training to be a volunteer coach for a Pregnancy Resource Center, they are always looking for women of faith to volunteer their time to coach anyone who may come in seeking help. The center has been in place 5 ½ years now and is part of the Care Net family of Pregnancy centers. It is all faith based and takes no government monies so we are free to share to Gospel with those who seek help.

The training can be overwhelming at times; 26 hours, everything that you could possible touch on in talking to someone who may come into the center. It is important to note, we are just there to help them understand what options are available to them if they are pregnant. And to share the love of the Lord with them if they will let us.

Like I said, this is all privately funded because we do share Gods word with anyone that would like to hear it, we don’t beat them over the head with it if it is not what they what to hear at this time, no we just show them the love of the Lord. How I wish there was a place like this 31 years ago when I needed to know what to do.


Here is my story,

It had been three days since I found out I was pregnant. I walked in the door after school and my Dad was there sitting in a chair, drink in one hand, and a cigarette in the other. The bottom of my world dropped out; the papers from the clinic are on the table in front of him. He told me I parked the car in the wrong spot. He knew I had taken it, just not what for. So he searched my room and founded the papers. (All about abortion) He wanted to know what my plan was. I told him, “We would be keeping the baby and getting married.”

The words were not even out of my mouth before he was standing over me and in my face, yelling, “How dumb could I be! I was going to ruin my life!” and, “I will have an abortion. That was the end of the discussion.” I told him “No!” 

You have to understand, no one stood up to my Dad, ever! That day was the first day I ever stood my ground, at a very great cost. As I lay on the floor with him leaning over me, punching me in the stomach, trying to cause a spontaneous abortion to happen; I did raise my hand for the first time in my life and hit my Dad in the face.

It was then that he said, “I brought you into this world kicking and screaming, and I can take you out the same way.”

When your Dad tells you he will kill you, you quit fighting. I just laid there until he stopped. He then told me to clean myself up and make an appointment. I could keep the car and still see my boyfriend. Just do this now, and I can get pregnant again after I graduate. As I walked down the hall my sister came out of her room to see if I was okay.


That day I fought to save that baby’s life, I walked out of my father’s house and never turned back.

Years later I would make a different choice that is harder to live with today, one that has forever changed who I am, just like having a baby makes you a mother and changes your life. So will having an abortion.

Where I fought for the life of one child I gave up on another.Image I could go into all the medical reason that it made sense for me to do this at the time. But it will not change that I took a life which God loved and created.

I know that I have been forgiven for this by my Heavenly Father and He loves me, if I had the choice to speak to someone at a Care Net resource center back then and had someone remind me of Gods love and provision, things could have been different.

But all things work for Gods glory in the end! So maybe now I can have the words to say to someone who needs to hear of His love and grace.



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3 thoughts on “The past we run from may just one day help someone!

  1. Erica Dunomes May 10, 2014 at 4:34 pm Reply

    The title of your post is exactly the words my son spoke to me the other day. I think that looking back at your past is not helpful if you’re only going to allow yourself to feel condemned. But when you look back with the intent to learn from your past, not only will you experience a victory, but you will be able to help someone. All for God’s glory. 🙂

    • Deena Siddle May 10, 2014 at 4:48 pm Reply

      All God’s love you and your son I pray blessing on your family. Have a great mother’s day thank you for your kind words.

      • Erica Dunomes May 10, 2014 at 5:17 pm

        Yes ma’am. You as well. Be blessed!

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