My time has been Robbed I can’t have it back!

I had so many things that I wanted to sit down and spend time and write about this week but time has been robbed a way from me.

Monday would have been my Mom’s 70th birthday if she had not been hit by someone not paying attention while driving, something that we have happen all the time now days with drivers text messaging and talking on the phone, even if there are laws to prevent and protect it still happens. Twenty-six years ago there was no law to protect my Mom from a Mom turning around and yelling at her kids in the backseat, and I don’t believe there ever will be or should be. That just takes common sense keep to your eyes on the road and pay attention to driving.

So I have been robbed of my Mom for the last twenty-six years and the relationship that we were starting to have after all the hard years, healing and forgiveness had began.

She didn’t get to meet the now wonderful man that I am married to, and the beautiful girls he came with, and how they have grown into my loving and caring daughters. She missed out on the special blessing of the daughter we named after her coming into the world early and ready to take over everyone’s hearts.

Over the years there have been many things I would have loved to have my Mom around to share in the joy of, even some of the heart aches, it is hard to even picture her at 70.

But there is one way that I have been blessed so I don’t feel so robbed of a Mom all the time my honey has a great Mom and he shares her with me.

Something else I was robbed of this week was my time, I needed to upgrade my computers operating systems from vista to windows 8, after three days dealing with Microsoft I now have a program I can’t wait to get rid of. I think I have said it a time or two I don’t do change well.

I will not let this rob me of my joy of getting to go to Alaska for my birthday we leave in the morning it is going to be a great trip, kind of the last big bang, when we get back my time at home has come to an end.

I am going to have to get a job! A real one not one were I work for myself, it has been 18 years since I have not owned my own business and now it will be time to work for someone and let them be my boss. I think I will like it, not having all the responsibly of being the boss. Just do a good job, collect a pay check and go home at the end of the day.

So please pray that someone will hire a 49 year old bossing lady that will work hard.

Thanks for checking inmoose I hope to see a Moose.


2 thoughts on “My time has been Robbed I can’t have it back!

  1. happiday63 May 24, 2014 at 12:41 pm Reply

    It would have been a blessing to me to know your mom. ❤ Take a picture of the moose!

    • Deena Siddle May 24, 2014 at 1:06 pm Reply

      I will take many pictures of moose if I get to see them.

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