You never know what you will find.

My honey and I are traveling through Alaska for the next 14 days, this is my bucket list trip we did his in November when we went to Belize.
This one being mine trip of a life time and I picked Alaska the last frontier baby.
The only thing is I need to do Alaska on a dime.
And I have lived up too that for the most part planning this trip for months and getting the best price that I could, but I also stepped out of my box and tryed hostels the first one was the best. If that was all I had to go on I would never pay full price for a place to sleep for a night if I can get a hostel. Where you get all the basics of a hotel but you have to share a bathroom. No problem and you can cook for your self and save money that way.
It was all going great until we got to the second hostel. Wow I can do this for two days but I pray they are not all like this.
The first one was great, for 50 bucks a night you can’t beat it the people were great too
This one in Seward I have to say that if I could I would change to a hotel. It is bad I just hope the people are worth the sacrifice  of comfort.


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