Where did the time go?

It seems like yesterday that we sold the coffee house and were looking forward to some much needed time off. Which we did get to take a couple of great trips and spend the biggest part of the year just repairing the damage to our relationship and learning more about each other.
But life did have to go on at some point, I went to work after getting back from Alaska just a part time summer job. But I needed to get my feet wet again, I also went back to school that’s like jumping into the deep end, I must have been crazy on top of it all I had to deal with constant pain. I’ve been diagnosed with frozen shoulder which just means I cannot move my arm above my head or actually reach around my back or do most things that required me to reach above my head for very far, my loving husband has been doing my hair for months. I went to physical therapy for 5 weeks and it just make the pain worse I was all ready to go to the orthopedic surgeon and have it broken loose. Sounds like fun right sign you up, someone was telling me at church about what the chiropractor who rents a room from the church had done for them so I decided what can I lose and I want, what a blessing it has been to my life I am no longer in as much pain and have been able to move my arm more freely then I had been able to in months. My husband still have to put my hair up in a ponytail but I can do any other hairstyles. I no longer am I having to take as many pain pills to sleep at night which means I feel better during the day it is amazing what chiropractic care can do for you. If you are dealing with chronic pain, I suggest checking out your local Chiropractic and see if it might help. I don’t plan on being away for so long this time thanks for reading.


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