How many Friends do you Have?

I am not talking about the friends on Facebooks, if I was I would have in the hundreds. I mean a lot but it hit me the other day when someone came up to me in church and was talking to me and my husband and she said something about being my Facebook friend. I have to say I had not a clue. I don’t really spend that much time on facebook to tell you the truth, and the pictures are really small I can’t see them that well to see your face so if I don’t really know you I most likely will not know you are my Facebook friend. (I am trying to do better).
Then we have the hey I will follow you if you follow me twitter group yes I have an account that if I remember I will twitter once in a while, so how do I get all of these new followers?

So if we add all of my Facebook friends and my followers and the wonderful people who follow my blog I would say that I have over 1200 friends in this world, cool right? Not really!

How many of them do I know face to face? How many could I call in the middle of the night if I needed help? That is the number of people that matter in your life. Not who followers you and what you have to say but who can you call on when you need a friend. If all else fails call on God, He is always there.

See ya soon


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