What difference would 20 years make for you?

No matter how long it has been, I still struggle at time with the darkness that would over take my life if not for my faith in God.
He holds my hand even when I want life to go away, and whispers in my ear how much I am loved and cared for here and now. It His strength that would never let me sink as far into that same pit again.

So I repost this to share my hope with you and to reach out a hand to help. Prayers for you this new year.

I look back and remember where I was 20 years ago shutter to think of what would have happen had God not stepped in and saved me. Part 4 How I Survived My Suicide Attempt , I would be dead!tree

All the things I would have missed in life, my kids, now my grand kids, the laughter, the love, ups and even the downs that someone else would have got to share with them instead of me had God not saved me from me.

Your life is not something to play with no matter how bad it feels around you this moment. I still at times think about dying but it doesn’t mean I want to die.

20 years ago I let the enemy win and over come any light I had inside of me, I drowned the light with drugs, booze, and listening to all the hateful things the world had to say about what I could never be.

God loved me more then I loved myself and He saved me, for more!

This blog is part of the more, to reach out and share my story and His love to people who are hurting and in need of a Savior. He is right there waiting for you just as He was for me. There are no prerequisite required to come to the Father just call His name and repent.

The book of John is a good place to go in the Bible to read to seek some answers, or call a friend I would bet you know someone who has been praying for you. You can even ask me I will do my best to help you along the way.

God loves you more then even I have the words to say.


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2 thoughts on “What difference would 20 years make for you?

  1. CandorlyCandice April 15, 2014 at 8:27 pm Reply

    Nothing else to say but that this post is beautiful. Thank you for your honesty and sharing.

    • Deena Siddle April 16, 2014 at 8:38 am Reply

      Thank you for you kind words God gets all the glory for with out Him I would not even be here. God bless and thank you for reading.

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