Are you ready for the answer to your prayer?

Jesus on the cross

We are promised in God’s word, “ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened” (Luke 11:9). Have you ever had a time in your life that you asked and sought and did not get an answer from God?

If you answered yes to this, I would ask you to think long and hard – did God really not answer you, or was it not the answer you wanted to hear?

Most times when we feel that God had let us down it is when we have not gotten what we wanted from Him. We asked and sought with all our hearts but to no avail……

I heard it put best the other day than I have ever heard it explained, when someone asks ” why did God not save my son?” “Why yours, when He did not save His own!” 

It really makes you stop and think……..

We think we did get an answer: or was it just “No” or even “wait” when nothing happened right away.

If you are like me when I pray and ask God, that means it is important and I need help Now!

Does God not understand that when I call out for him I am in need?

As Jesus hung on the cross was He not in need?

Some would say that His needs are so much greater than the needs of my word.

Not to God, my need for healing, peace, safety, a job or any of the struggles I face and give to Him, are just as important.

Going back to if you ask it will be given, seek and you will find it, knock and it will be opened – it is referring to what a good father would give to his son if asked. A father would not slam the door in his son’s face if he knew it was him knocking at the door.

Does the Heavenly Father know it is you asking and knocking and what are your motives for the request. Other places is His word it says to search your heart and know Gods will.

Let me leave you with one thought if you are diagnosed with a terminal disease and asked God to heal you. There are three ways that God can and will answer…

1. He will heal you and make you well. (save you from It)

2. He will be right by your side as you go through treatment and are cured. (got you through It)

3. Or you die. (brings you to Him by It) 

All are answers!


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