What are you letting get dusty!

Just a quick thought as I was going about cleaning the house today and I noticed that the dust which is always bad just happen to be ready to over take the whole house.

Now that is not to say I have neglected to take care of my home as I should, oh I meant to get to it and then just let other things get in the way.

I have to do it today we have company coming over so it has to be done, what would they think to see how bad it had gotten.

Marriage is a lot like a dusty house, taking the time it needs to care for it can be pushed aside for other things so quickly. Here is a picture of the mementos of our two daughter’s weddings and our 25th renewal.glasses As you can see that I have taken the time to clean up the ones for the girls but have yet to take care of my own. It is just am illustration of how easy it is to do for others and not take care of yourself.

dirty glassesTake time for you too!25 yr clean glasses


Okay that is all I have for today back to the dust. God bless!




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