Your Little Prayers for My Big Answers

This sweet person of faith needs your prayers, please pray with us for God to move in a mighty way.

Well of Joy

Soft music played through phone, attempting to sooth my anxiety during what might have been one of the longest waits of my life. The stairs I sat on were cold and hard and my heart was tempted to mimic them. “Once you retest, call back in a week for your results,” they said. “You want to retest? Are you a Believer?” she asked.

It’s easier to be cold and hard when the results are unpredictable, than to be open and trusting regardless of outcomes. It’s easier to hide secrets than to endure the pain of first exposure. It’s easier to not trust, than to trust a God that promises the impossible.

Months ago I had to tell my secret to my love, the one who has my heart. Tears streaming down my face, I told him the thing I never wanted to have to tell him. With words filled with the…

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