We are what we keep telling ourselves we are!

god sees youSome of you may know I went back to school last summer and have been working towards my two-year degree in business office technology. Some would ask Why? after owning our own business would you feel the need to get a degree. Believe me I have asked myself that question many times over the last year.

Learning does not come easy for me I was always told I was stupid growing up, I would never be anything of value. Especially after getting pregnant my junior year of high school, after my father beat me up for not aborting the baby I was told I was throwing my life away. I did however finish high school but had to do it from home because back in the day pregnant girls did not get to go to school. Like it was something someone could catch, I did fight for the right to walk with my class at graduation and won that battle.

The point of this story is not for you to feel sorry for me or the think of how great the hardships are I have overcome. It is to stop and think about the story that is still playing in your mind, the words that have been spoken into your life you still hear and believe.

Do you still see yourself as a failure because of the mistakes you have made in life? We will all make mistakes it is what we do with those mistakes that determines the strength of who we are, will you be a victim and blame everyone else for how hard you have had it in life or will you take responsibly for your choices.

For the longest time I didn’t believe that I could do or be anything of value and that lead me to a life of drugs and darkness. God shined His light in my life and has helped me see that I am more valuable to Him than any other. So who am I to tear down what He is tiring to build up. Don’t let negative self-talk keep you from being all that God would have you to be. He will give you victory!


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