Simple things.

There are those of us who walk though life looking for the grand jester or the defining moment to complete the plan we feel we are called to be. It is always more then where we are right here and now the tug on your heart saying step out. I have always been afraid it is pride not God pulling on my heart, that I am seeking glory of this world for my fame. So I hold back I don’t want it to be about me.turtle

I have allowed opportunities to pass and have missed out on the blessing of God to bless others by holding back.  A simple thing to reach out and say I Love you to someone you see hurting. Don’t turn away in fear of what they will think, just speak the words, God is giving you for them in that moment. Grown men will cry to hear simple words spoken in love by someone who cares.

Are you listening to what God is telling your heart?  Every great person started some where, as an unknown, but being faithful to do what God has called them to do. I am not claiming that I will be famous or people will ever even know my name I just know that I am be called to step out and stop hiding, by my simple acts of love lives will be impacted in a might way.  These are words that were spoken to me last night at a women’s gathering from a lady I had never meet before. Now that is hearing from God.

Tell me how you hear from God what is He telling you? I would love to know.


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