You never know how you will be blessed by God, it can be from a sweet word from a friend or from someone you may not even know all that well. But that word just touches you to your very soul and you know that it was a hug from God.

In all the times of change that have been going on in our lives right now it is hard to always see the blessing or I should say that I spend time in worry of the “what if”.

I know that we are right where God means for us to be and that He will provide, all of the new changes will be for His glory, we just have to step out in faith.

one hundredGod is good and know’s my needs, some were and some how a one hundred-dollar bill showed up in my purse today. Where it came from I don’t know! All I know is that there was a need and God provided for that need.

Never doubt that God knows your needs and cares, He will provide. For the angel that placed the money in my purse thank you for being the hands and feet of God, you are a blessing to me.



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