When God’s People Pray !

Sometimes it is good to be reminded that all things in His timing not mine.

Young woman reading bible by stream in summer

Young woman reading bible by stream in summer

What do we expect when we pray? I don’t know about you, but I truly expect God to answer my prayers. Now that is where we as humans run into trouble. We have a problem, or need guidance, so we pray and wait for the answer. If the answer is not coming as soon as the words have left our lips we whine to God, ‘God why have you forsaken me!’

God is always faithful to answer all, yes, I do mean all of our prayers. He only has three ways that He will answer them; Yes, No, or Wait. Our problem is we don’t like the wait part, and flat-out don’t want to hear No. We, like any child, don’t like to be told No. We asked because it is a great idea; or would it be a good place for our family to move; the job is so has much better; God you can’t really mean for me to have to work on Sundays? We are taught prosperity right, that we all should have health, wealth, and a Cadillac. While my bible also says I will have trials and temptations. We live in a fallen world, so things will not always be easy. But that is for a different day, back to when God doesn’t answer right away.

I always ask for God to answer in Neon Signs, kind of like Gideon. God had given Gideon a mission but he lacked faith that he could do it. So he wanted a sign from God. He put out a fleece and asked God to make the fleece damp in the morning but the ground dry in the morning. Well God did, Gideon squeezed a bowlful of water out of the fleece. But still, it was not enough for Gideon. So he asked God that the ground to be covered with dew and the fleece be dry and God did it. Have you ever put out a fleece? You can find the whole story of Gideon in Judges 6. Now in his case God answered right away, but what if you need to wait?

Well the Bible has a good example of what you should not do if you are waiting for an answer from God; take things into your own hands. Look at Sarai in Genesis 16; Sarai knows that God has promised that she will be a mother of a nation. Yes, she laughed when she heard it from the angels. She had gotten tired of waiting so she is going to help God out. Oh that is always a good Idea right! So as was the custom, she could give her husband her maidservant and if he got her pregers then the kid counts as Sarai’s. So he does, she does, and then Sarai gets jealous. Duh! She is a woman, Hagar just gave Abram the son he had waited for all his life.

The point being when we pray expect an answer from God, then wait for it! Do not take things into your own control, because if you do, you just have to then ask for God to clean up the mess. If you are having a hard time waiting for God to answer, Psalms is a good place to find peace. There is a Psalms for about anything that you might be feeling or going through. Check it out.

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