Who am I to tell God where I will Go!


Kayaking in the rain.


I finally seen a moose!

Last year at this time we had just got back from our amazing trip to Alaska, I have never really had the chance to write about it because we hit the ground running into the new adventure that God had planned for us. So today I want to take a minute and tell you about our trip.

This was my birthday trip, after selling the shop we each got to plan a trip for our birthdays, Scott’s was 8 days in Belize which we did in November of 2013 right after the sale of the shop. You can check in out (This is my 100 blog it is un-Belize-able). So for my trip we got 14 days in Alaska, you may ask why did I get more days? Well I am a bargain shopper and I planned my trip for almost a year, I started planning right after we got back from Belize and we didn’t go until May of 2014.

Phone pic 884

Yes he hiked to a glacier in flip flops.


Very big Bear

One of the great things about our trip was I found that the state of Alaska puts out a two for one saver book on everything from train rides, fishing trips, kayaking, white water rafting, whale watching, museum entrants fees and even on hotels in some areas. If you plan to go to Alaska you need one of these books Great Alaskan TourSaver .  We went through the book and picked out all the great things that we wanted to do and then planned our trip around where they were. We rented a car and stayed in hostels most of the trip. I know what you are thinking “hostels” did you see the movie? No we never did see it. Hostels are a great way to see new places and stay for lower cost and be able to cook your own meals. Most have private rooms and you just share a bath room. Phone pic 879 So as you can see we got to do it all we kayaked is the rain to a waterfall. We hiked out on to a glacier and had lunch, seen wildlife and whales on the glacier cruise. Went white water rafting in Denali park once again in the rain, but wow what a trip all in all we drove 1700 miles in 16 days and had a great adventurer and meet a lot an nice people along the way.  The day before we returned I logged into my summer semester of college and have been in classes since. Plus play time was over and I needed a job now.  Can’t forget we also merged our church with two others the week we got back.


Out on a glacier for a hike. Yes it was cold!

You may ask why I bring all this up now, well I wanted to share that were we thought we where heading a year ago in not were we are. God just sent us in that direction so we could see the new plan that He had for our life. Are you open to new plans?  Or are you so busy trying to make the old one work without God’s help? Something to ponder. See ya next time be blessed.


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