Blessed with new friends and fellowship.

Well we are three weeks in to our new world of camping at church, and driving back and forth from the Lake to Ridgecrest each week. I have to say that I have to write down where I need to be each day so I know where I will be sleeping.

It really is not bad at all we are loving getting to know the folks at RC4square Church everyone is so welcoming.

We had a spruce up day today and many hands made the work got fast. Plus we had great food and fellowship afterward. All things are better with food.

Our short hairy kids are the only ones that are still having a little trouble understanding what is going on each day. Abby goes with the flow and is always ready for a new adventure. wpid-imag0609.jpg Tekoa he has found his favorite spots to lay right under the swap cooler vents, he is not so chill with the car ride back and forth not like Abby.

The air conditioner on our trailer needed fixing this week, we got here and it was not working, it was only 106 that day. wpid-imag0520.jpgSo we had to pull it out and take it to the repair shop. We are blessed that it was an easy fix and it did not cost to much. I did have to make a quick trip to the lake to get the keys for the burby (that is the vehicle that pulls the trailer) they were on Scott’s dresser at the lake. We will be making a copy to keep with the trailer from now on, just sayin.

Also a friend blessed us with a night stay in a hotel so we didn’t have to sleep on floor in Scott’s office. Did I tell you that Ridgecrest has bugs!!!!! This was the day before the bug guys was coming to spray. So I am so grateful for the night in the hotel and they even let us take the kids.

The next day we had to be away from the church for four hours after the bug guy did his thing so the dogs had a play date with the Sloan dogs. It was great fun for all. wpid-imag0605.jpgAbby was jealous that Luke can swim in the water bowl.

We had a great week with all of our friends both new and old in bible studies here on Tuesday and at the lake on Thursday night.

Oh and on top of everything I started summer school this week. Yes Scott told me I was nuts, but it is a math class that I had to drop last semester and I need to get it done. So please pray for me I love numbers just not x-y=p I don’t see a number anywhere do you?

Have a blessed day and thanks for reading. Love ya!


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