On My Knees

This is part of a song that keeps running around in my head along with “I surrender”, “You alone” and “Draw me near to You.” Can you sense the theme of my heart?

We all have times that we are not thinking about anything important, when our mind is just on auto pilot. What do you have running around in there while on auto pilot. Is it praise and worship or is it worry and fret?

In our new home away from home there has been an invasion of seed bugs, and when I say invasion I mean invasion! I sweep up hundreds of these bugs each day out of the church and around it. You can see them being drawn to the light, and moister. boxelder-bug-1024x768

Why do I bring up bugs you may ask? Well these bugs are drawn to something and in our case it will kill them because we have pest control, Praise God!

But are people drawn to you? Do you have a light that shines from your life that people want to know more about? Is that light the love of God shining through you to them?

Check your auto pilot moments and see where your heart is, on God or Worry. Whatever the focus will be what shines through your life.


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