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We have been in Ridgecrest now for two months I have to say that the time is flying. We have had a lot going on we made the local paper twice already, once to just say “Hi here we are come meet us,” and then to introduce Laundry Love to the community.

Laundry Love is going to be our out reach program that helps folks with the money and soap that they need to have clean clothes. Sometimes it is hard to make the ends meet and things like clean clothes don’t always happen. We heard about this program at connection the Foursquare conference we went to in May, if you would like to find out more about it or start one in your town look it up at laundrylove.org you can hear all about T-bone’s story. It is all about living life with people not just doing something for them. Happy-face

We also should know if we will be getting a house tomorrow Yeah! I like my trailer for camping not living in, so it will be nice to have a home here. God willing.

I also started my new job today, working at the best pizza place in town, Pizza Factory. I have to say that I have forgotten how much I miss interacting with people. It was work but it was also fun, I know the first day is always fun. I love working with people, making people happy and food is one way to do it.

Scott got the new website for the church up and running check it out rc4sq.com he will have his podcasts up soon. We tried recording his teaching this last Sunday but it didn’t turn out well so we will have to do better as my one granddaughter is always saying. So that is the update for now, sorry that I have been so far between post but life is busy on the surface of the sun. LOL!


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