Can you count to Ten?

Here is a random story from my childhood as to why it took me until I was in my thirties to eat Chinese food because of this fateful night. It started out like many nights; my Mom was working late, so we had to have dinner with my cousins who babysat from time to time. They had planned on having take-out Chinese food. I’m four and I am a picky eater. Hey, what four year old isn’t? I sit there picking at my plate and eat very little. I’m told, “You can’t get down until you clean your plate!” Something about starving kids somewhere, hard earned money, and something blab blab.

Everyone else is done, I’m still sitting there. I believe they call it ‘strong willed child’ hard headed. Call it what you will, I was not going to eat that rice. Yet my cousin was not going to let me get up either. I cried. She yelled we were at a stand off. I just prayed that my mom would get there and take me home.

The dishes are all done and I am still sitting at the table and will not eat my rice. My cousin’s face is red as she picks up the plate; I think to myself okay I win I don’t have to eat it. But instead of walking away, she grabs the back of my head and a handful of hair as she rubs the plate of rice in my face, smashing it into my nose and ears.

She finally let go and tells me to clean the mess I made up before my mom gets there. I crawled on the floor with a rag trying to wipe it all up, crying quietly as she stood there watching to make sure I got each grain of rice. It’s no wonder it took me so long to ever eat rice.

What brings a person to this point? That they would scar a child for life over a plate of food, was it worth it? Please stop and walk away before you take out your anger on a child, yes they can push your buttons at times, but it should not hurt to be a kid.

This is a post that I posted before but I was thinking today about the kids out there that have it really hard this time of year. Everyone is getting ready to go back to school and so many kids do not get new clothes before school or even clean clothes. Yes I have been working on Laundry Love stuff so it just got me thinking be kind, hug your kids even if you can’t give them everything you can always give them your love.


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