What do you hold on too?

As some of you may not know but we have been blessed with a house in Ridgecrest and have been moving and packing up the now referred to lake house (Yes there is still a lake there!) that we have lived in for 16 years, you think about what you need to really take with you.

You find things that you have forgotten that you had even kept. Some are like finding a treasure, while others bring up the question of why did I ever keep this in the first place? What do you do with the box that you marked 16 years ago don’t unpack? You moved it then and placed it in a closet and have never unpacked it will you move it again and never unpack it again?

If you are like me I have many family treasures that have been handed down as family members pass away to their reward with God. From wonderful painting that where painted by my mom to, blankets that were made by my grandmother, to a ladies pocket watch that was both my grandmother’s and my mom’s. I was blessed to have very talented parents; my husbands is also blessed so we have many treasures from them. I am happy to say they are still with us, praise God and still making more treasures to be enjoyed.

My point is this there are somethings that we hang on to that are a blessing and then there are somethings that need to be gotten rid of, purged, pruned from your life. God’s word said is best.

wpid-wp-1440168629278.jpeg     If you are hanging on to quilt and un-forgiveness you are not allowing God to heal you life to move you to health and healing. He is the Judge not you. Hang on to the promise of God that He has your back! What is in your do not unpack box, is it time to let God do the unpacking for you? I surrender all to you Jesus!

That is all I have today, love you all praying for all who read this.


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