I am your’s and you are mine.

Years ago when God told me that I would write and be a teacher to many I laughed like Sara in the bible did when she over heard that she would have a baby in her old age. I did not laugh because I am old, but because who would listen to me, was the thought in my head. I will admit it has haunted my head for many years after God was clear that this was what I was to do.

I would work on it for awhile and then I would allow other things to push it aside and crowd it out. I would become worried about what people close to me will think about what I write. Should I write my true feeling and the pain I feel. I was working on it all wrong!

I had the mind set that every thing I was writing was for someone else to glean from. Over the years I have had people that I did not even know at all or not know well confirm God’s calling in my life to write, yet I still struggled. Until as of lately when one of these people brought to me a word from God that stuck the core of me.

That the words God gives me to write are for me and my understanding.  

It was a wow moment for me, that only after I glean understanding from His words will they ever be of use to anyone else.

So here is something that I have come to understand after many years of seeking. I am loved for who I am by my Heavenly Father, just the way I am, here and now. I do not need to change one thing about me to be loved by God. Here is the kicker even as a sinner I am loved.

So many feel that they have to change to be loved by God, that is not true. God loves you right now, right were you are, just as who you are. Can you except that love from the Heavenly Father?





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One thought on “I am your’s and you are mine.

  1. Jennifer Baringer December 15, 2015 at 6:41 am Reply

    Thank you for sharing this. I too have struggled with “allowing other things to push it aside and crowd it out.” Nice to know I’m not alone in that struggle. I also agree, so much of what God gives me to write helps my understanding. Keep on writing!

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