All Dog’s bark

I was reading this morning is Joshua about the story of Rahab and how she help save the Israelite’s all because she and the people of Jericho had heard of the great power that God had shown in parting the Red sea and taking care of His people.

Jericho had heard of the power of God and had fear of Him, that then gave the Israelite’s the power to defeat Jericho. No this is a good account of when you what to believe in the bark is bigger then the bite. Because with God both are big and both will protect you if that is the need (like Rahab’s family as Jericho was defeated) it can also take you out at the knees of you stand against Him.

Do you have people in you life that are like barking dogs? They have a lot to say in a loud way but in the end just what to be heard and seen.

I have two wonderful fur babies that will bark at you if you come to my home, first because that is there job. For the most part it is their way of saying hey come play with us. Featured Image -- 159456 But this what they do most of the time.

This picture was taken at our old house up at the lake now the kids have taken to sleeping on bed most of the day. When they are not outside barking and saying Hi to people that walk by.

Most of the time this was we encounter in life is someone yelling at us or barking to be heard. I most cases it is because

u16999529they do not feel like you are listen to them and taken to heart what is being said. This happen a lot in relationship. So I know this may come off as random but maybe someone out there just needs to hear that the the dog bark and everything will be okay in the end, because his tail is waging too. God loves you. Have a great day, drop me a line if you would like. I know I may ramble on but God has a plan for each one of us. Do you know your plan?


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