All but me Lord!


Yesterday I was blessed by getting the chance to be at the 110th anniversary of the Azusa street revival held at the Los Angeles Coliseum. The event was called AzusaNow. If you want to be blessed beyond belief, look it up on God TV or YouTube. This is a picture of a group of people around a man down on on field after been healed. He was in a wheelchair. We watched as the small group prayed for this man, he stood up but did not walk. They continued to pray and he stood again and took a step or two and was back down. This went on for more than an hour and a half, the whole time the small group was not giving up on him and he is not giving in to doubt. Mind you, we are all worshiping and praying with that small group as the program goes on around them. Then the crowd breaks out in a roar as the man is up and walking without help!!!!! Not just one or two steps but walking across the field, really moving by his own two feet.

Now I know some will not believe that this can be real and say that it is not so. That is okay. I know in my heart that my Heavenly Father can heal….

One of the most important questions is, ‘Do we want to be healed?’ Some are where they are for a reason and a season. Then you have some that are afraid to surrender, or admit they even have a need of healing. Even with all that I witnessed yesterday and all that I know to be true of my Father in heaven, I did not ask, I did not surrender to the call for prayer. Why? That is for a different day. But for today, know that I walked out of that coliseum like someone leaving Survivor with a idle in their pocket!

No matter what the world thinks of you, ask for prayer, seek Gods face.





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