One great father!

If you have read my story you know that father’s were not someone to trust in life.

I am thankful that God has shown me that no matter what this world’s father’s have done to me, I must forgive them.

They have no power over me as I let go of the anger and the hate that I have held on to. I forgive those father’s that taught me to hate.

Only the Heavenly Father can heal all pain and show you that forgiveness is the only way to live with what you have survived
If you can forgive you can move on in life and marry the man that your father should have been, like my husband who has been a
daddy and father for our kids. Not saying perfect but better than most.


Happy Father’s day to all the dad’s that know how to love
your kids. Like my son’s in love and there babies. As always love you honey for showing me what a daddy should be.


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