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Nine months ago, during a church planter cohort meeting, I was asked the question, “Tell us about yourself.” For some people this is a very simple question, and they will lay out their stats of being married, 4 kids, 8 grandkids and 2 short hairy kids with tails.

Does that really tell you anything about me? No

So now the hard part, what is there to tell? Sure I have done some things in life that are worthy of a word or two, but does it share the heart of who I am?

So, I took some time to get quite with God and asked Him, ‘Who am I?”

This is what He had to say to me.

‘I am called by God to share His heart with others, and I do not need a degree or seminary training to know and share His heart.’

What God has given me is an amazing Jesus story of how He saved the life I tossed away.

We live in a world that is so broken, we are afraid to touch one another in fear of harm. God made me and has called me to comfort those who are hurting. To have a great affection for all mankind. The world has tried to prevent me through fear, from what I am called to do. If I continue to give in, the enemy wins.

God then brought to me the information on becoming a Christian life coach. I had heard about coaches helping folks to lose weight and get healthier, but not in this new light of helping people seek out God and His will in their lives. To be able to share the calling I have felt on my life, and to be a person who can help others reach those goals with God, seems like an answer to prayer!

I am continuing to pray about this and have asked other’s to be in prayer with me. It has become clear this is indeed the right direction for me to pursue.

I’m in planning now to take a professional coaching course through an organization called Creative Results Management, which has an extensive Christian coaching program called the Coaching Mastery Certificate Program. The total program costs $3,247 covers over 40 hours of classroom instruction and in person training, followed by telephone “classes” over the next 3 months, and hours of intern time before final qualification.

This is where it gets tricky and uncomfortable for me. I’m ready to go for it mentally and spiritually. However, financially is where I need some help to achieve this goal. When adding airfare and hotel to the training cost, the total is around $4,500. Which is quite reasonable when compared to secular coaching programs that charge $4,000-$6,500 for similar training that is not Christian based.

I have a quarter of the money already through ministry funds. I’m asking if you would consider a special gift of any amount to cover part of the remaining cost of this training.

To give follow this link https://giv.li/eo8nmh. Pick the amount God places on your heart then the envelope titled Deena’s Life Coaching in the next page. FULLY TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Please pray about helping. You can read more about the training at: http://creativeresultsmanagement.com/mastery

Thanks for reading and pray about helping.

God Bless!

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