As I sit in a small cafe in Barcelona I am exhausted from the work that I have put in already this week to learn how to be a good coach.

I knew that it would be a stretch for me to be here without my husband and to travel so far from home all by myself.

I didn’t really think about how far the training would dig deep in my life and the things that I need to speak to. It has been a long week already and it is only half over.

I am really glad that I have chosen to do this, it is speaking to my heart in many ways. I thank all of thuse who have donated and helped me to be here.

Plus I am sitting in a cafe in Barcelona writing right now! How cool is that!!

By the way I am going to need people to coach to meet the requirements for my license, so leave me a note if you are interested in being my Ginny pig.

Dinner is here!

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