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Short cuts?

My honey and I love to travel, to get out and go someplace we have never been or return to a much loved spot.

We started out in our relationship with two ways of thinking of how we could get to where we wanted to go.

I for one would like to know when, where, how far, what will I need while I am there. (Will it be cold or hot, do I need a swimsuit.) So many questions running around in my mind. Yes, I am a planner by heart. Get me from point A to point B in the most direct route possible so the fun can begin.

My honey, give him a toothbrush (we found that to be very important to have on one trip early on, somethings I just will not share, Just sayin! ) and as long as he has sandals and shorts he is good to go, anywhere even skiing. Just makes me cold looking at it, his shorts are in the car for after. sandals in the snow

He also likes to take short cuts or scenic routes to get from here to there. It may not really be shorter at all, it could add hours on to the trip. His view is – the minute we leave the driveway we are on vacation or our trip has started. So if it takes time to get there that is okay, it is the journey that counts.

It has taken us many years to get on the same page as far as this goes. He has a good point, you will see many things on a short cut that you would never see on a point A to point B trip. He also has come to the understanding that sometimes you do need to go directly to your destination.

You must know when it is time to take a short cut and when it is time to travel the longer road to get to the point that God wants you to be at. If you take a short cut when you know that you are not ready to get to the point God has told you to be, then there are lessons that you will not have learned along the way.

Pray about the road you are to travel and know that you are going there for the right reasons.

Short cuts can be nice and they can bite you in the ass in the end.

Just a random thought.

See you next time.

I am your’s and you are mine.

Years ago when God told me that I would write and be a teacher to many I laughed like Sara in the bible did when she over heard that she would have a baby in her old age. I did not laugh because I am old, but because who would listen to me, was the thought in my head. I will admit it has haunted my head for many years after God was clear that this was what I was to do.

I would work on it for awhile and then I would allow other things to push it aside and crowd it out. I would become worried about what people close to me will think about what I write. Should I write my true feeling and the pain I feel. I was working on it all wrong!

I had the mind set that every thing I was writing was for someone else to glean from. Over the years I have had people that I did not even know at all or not know well confirm God’s calling in my life to write, yet I still struggled. Until as of lately when one of these people brought to me a word from God that stuck the core of me.

That the words God gives me to write are for me and my understanding.  

It was a wow moment for me, that only after I glean understanding from His words will they ever be of use to anyone else.

So here is something that I have come to understand after many years of seeking. I am loved for who I am by my Heavenly Father, just the way I am, here and now. I do not need to change one thing about me to be loved by God. Here is the kicker even as a sinner I am loved.

So many feel that they have to change to be loved by God, that is not true. God loves you right now, right were you are, just as who you are. Can you except that love from the Heavenly Father?




Where you go I will find you!

I know that I have not been writing much lately, okay not at all that I have shared with you. I know that I have been called to this new place to do good works for the glory of God. It is just trying to understand what those works are to be, is the hard part. Plus fitting in to a new community and a church family with all new rules has been hard for me.

So I will admit that I have been doing all kinds of stuff that I could say is for the Lord, but I know it is not. I do not want to be one of those people on the last day that God tells me He does not know me because I have been to busy running to and fro doing His so called works.

Sorry just a note to say, almost six months in the desert will help you see things clearly. God bless.

What do you hold on too?

As some of you may not know but we have been blessed with a house in Ridgecrest and have been moving and packing up the now referred to lake house (Yes there is still a lake there!) that we have lived in for 16 years, you think about what you need to really take with you.

You find things that you have forgotten that you had even kept. Some are like finding a treasure, while others bring up the question of why did I ever keep this in the first place? What do you do with the box that you marked 16 years ago don’t unpack? You moved it then and placed it in a closet and have never unpacked it will you move it again and never unpack it again?

If you are like me I have many family treasures that have been handed down as family members pass away to their reward with God. From wonderful painting that where painted by my mom to, blankets that were made by my grandmother, to a ladies pocket watch that was both my grandmother’s and my mom’s. I was blessed to have very talented parents; my husbands is also blessed so we have many treasures from them. I am happy to say they are still with us, praise God and still making more treasures to be enjoyed.

My point is this there are somethings that we hang on to that are a blessing and then there are somethings that need to be gotten rid of, purged, pruned from your life. God’s word said is best.

wpid-wp-1440168629278.jpeg     If you are hanging on to quilt and un-forgiveness you are not allowing God to heal you life to move you to health and healing. He is the Judge not you. Hang on to the promise of God that He has your back! What is in your do not unpack box, is it time to let God do the unpacking for you? I surrender all to you Jesus!

That is all I have today, love you all praying for all who read this.

Do not sin in your anger!

So many of us when we have time to think about what we are angry about we stew in it and it b gets worse.


Jesus spend time to make the whip to drive out the people from His Father’s house, but HE did not sin in that anger.