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Happy Birthday! Mom

You have been gone now for almost 30 years, it is hard to look at my life and think about the things you have missed out on because of the day someone took your life from us.

As I enjoy each of my 8 grand children, getting to be Grammie to them, and Mom to my children, it hurts my heart you only knew one of my kids. You never got to live long enough to meet my husband and the two wonderful girls I married after you died.

You never got to meet the little girl that looked just like both of us and has your name.

There are so many things you have not been here to see, but I pray you can see from where you are. The impact your life has made on mine and those who are part of my world is incredible!

Many years ago, right after I married Scott and we had our youngest daughter, we took a family picture and I placed one of those pictures in the bottom of the flower urn so you could meet my new family.

Over these past 30 years, some years I have missed you and some I have been mad that you are gone. I know it’s not your fault you are no longer with us, but it is hard to be mad at the person who caused the accident, especially since I don’t even know their name.

The lady that took your life took my Mom, my children’s Meme, and my grand children’s Great Meme. I forgive that person, but I miss what we could have shared as a family.

Now with four grown children, two spouse’s, a Shane, seven beautiful grand daughters, and our Jackson Paul, it would be nice to have you be part of our world and help love on all these kiddos.

Mom meet my world.

We have two that are camera shy, Steven who you know and loved, and Jonathan. Miss you Mom, Happy Birthday!

That is all I got today! God bless you and yours.


To Belize or not to Belize

AfricaAs some of you may know, my honey went to Niger Africa at the end of January. It was a life changing trip for not only him, but for our whole church. Scott got to see what the church looks like outside of the USA, and it closely resembles the first century church. The church of Jesus’ time.

We here in the USA have gotten to where we show up to church on Sunday, and maybe a mid week study if we can fit it into our schedules. Most of the time we really are lucky to even make it to Sunday every week. (National polls report that Christians believe that once to twice a month is average attendance, and that is good enough for them.)

I had someone tell me they love the Lord, but they just don’t want to spend every Sunday at Church. God forbid, you have a fellowship after church, it just takes up the whole day!

So when my honey came home from Africa after seeing the pastor and his family had an open door policy, day and night to anyone in need of prayer or help, he was amazed.

Some may think, ‘How can that be, what about family time? What about private time?’ You have to understand, in these countries, not everyone will have a Bible to read or a Christian friend to call when in need of help or understanding. The people of Niger have Jesus and the Holy Spirit giving them a hunger to share the Love of God with other’s.

After seeing this and having it make a great impact on his life and on the way he sees things, he couldn’t wait to show others.

The next trip is already in the planning. This one will be for the youth of our church to go to Belize and work with kids in an orphanage. There are many different ways for the youth to learn from the kids in Belize and to share Gods love with the orphans. We are in prayer that this will be a life changing experience for all who go.

So the point of this post is we need to raise money, $1600. per person. We need some idea’s of how we can do that. Plus I ask for your prayers for the team going, to not only build the team that will be impacted the most but will have the most impact on the lives that they touch.

If you would like to donate directly, you can. Either online at: Or send a check directly to our church: LifeSpring Foursquare 245 S Norma St Ridgecrest Ca. 93555

Thank you for your help it will have a un-belize-able impact.

Death do us apart!

My honey and I have been married 30 years,…. Wow right! It is hard in the world today with the microwave mentality of I have to have it now, or a McDonald’s view of my way. To even think of being able to live 30 years with someone because it is not always about what you what or need.

In a good marriage you should be looking to make the other person happy even if at times it is not what you what. It is about talking to one another about feelings, emotions dreams for tomorrow and the struggles of today. It is not about am I happy, but the support we give to each other.

Take the time to do for each other, show one another love in the little ways.

I am afraid!

Why have my dreams or the plans that God has for my life never grown into the day. They still hide in the night in my heart where God places these dreams.

I have let them out a few times and the response was fair. So it is not that I believe I am unable to fulfill the dream that God has given me.

In truth, I am afraid.

I did not speak my first words to the world and have people begging to hear more. I know that a great speaker is not born but grown.

I can’t even say that I have been hiding behind by husband as he dreams and grows. That I have given up my dreams to support his. No that is not it, I have fear in my heart!

What do I fear?

I hear the words of my earthly father telling me I will never be good enough and that I am fat and ugly.

These words even thou I know there were spoken by a man who had so much hate in is heart and drank himself to the point of death so many times should not have any power over my life. Even today as I think about them they still have the power to bring me to tears.

We are all made beautiful by God.

Satan does not want me to know that and to hold that in my heart over the words of my father. If I stay that frighten young woman Satan wins and I have not fulfilled God’s plan in my life.

This is what I needed to purge from my heart and mind before I write my message for next Sunday. It will be only the second time I have spoken as a pastor. I know God has plans for me He has shown me in my dreams.

That’s it thanks for reading.     



There is a new song that is out there that is called Forgiven by David Crowder if you have not heard it you so need to look it up on Youtube.

This song speaks of how it felt to hold the nail in his hands as he nailed Jesus to the cross, it was cold. The weight of the hammer in his hand and the look on Jesus’s face of forgiveness. It is a wow moment for me each time I hear this song because it is my sin that did nail Him to the cross and He would have done it just for me.

There are so many times that we forget that we are forgiven that we have the honor of forgiveness if we have asked for it. Psalms 103:12-13 tells us “As far as the east is from the west, so far has He remove our transgressions from us. And the our Father has compassion on His children.”

Are we able to do the same for those that we need to forgive?

No, we are human and can not forget the wrongs or unjust actions that have been done agaist us. We are able to forgive those that have done these acts and need to for our own well being and happiness.

It does not even matter if the person knows or acknowledges you feel the need to forgive them. In many cases they may have no understanding that you feel wronged by them. Also some people are just not able to speak of the past.

So what do you do with these feeling? You let them go! Forgive and be done. It is really between you and God anyways. He wants to heal your heart and make you whole. When you carry the burdens of unforgiveness in your heart it is a encumbersome heavy load that will weigh you down.

Well that is all I have for you today, love yourself and others. See ya next time.