You never know when you will need it.


I know that today is Thanksgiving and this is not what you would think I would be doing today but it is.

Let me explain a few things with our family, years ago as our daughters started getting married we changed the day that this family celebrates Thanksgiving. We do it on Saturday after the real day so that maybe just maybe everyone can be there.

As your family grows up and out it makes it harder and harder to get them all home for the holidays. So I came up with this plan to change the date so they can spend Thanksgiving with who ever they would like, just come on over for dinner on Saturday.

this has worked for years, I have gotten to have all of my four children and all of my 6 grand babies plus extended family like nieces and nephews here for one great day.

Well this year we will be lacking a few people, not all of the kids can make it because of jobs and things. Non of the nieces and nephews will be able to make.. We are in hopes of all getting together for Christmas which will be in late January. Yes  we reschedule that one too.

So the point of this post is not that we are odd and move Holiday, but that we are buying a house and I can’t find our W-2 for 2014.

I know two years ago right, but you don’t understand I can find every pay stub for that year if you asked me what I bought on may 12th 2014 I could tell you I have the receipts for everything that I have ever spent money on for the last 10 years.

Yes that is nuts.

The one peace of paper that I need I can’t find.

Yes I can get a new one from a few places and I will, but it just escapes me of where it could have gone.

I may need an interventions to help me get throw this.

What the heck I think I will go shopping now…….

See Ya.


Be a light into the world


I am not afraid!

I know many things in life,

I know that I am loved by God,

I know that I am His daughter,

I know He has set the plans for me,

I know that I have not used my gifts for His glory,

I know He is pulling on my heart to be real, not only with myself but with you.


Where you lead I will follow!

It is hard for me to reach out and say that I need help. There are so many people that want or need something from me, how do I say “help me”.

As as pastors wife, life is hard you can’t speak of your needs for it shows how human you are. And we all know that a pastor’s wife is above it all and can handle all things right!

Not, I am just as much a woman trying to figure out this life as you are, I am just under the microscope each day and not meeting your needs.

I have not shared much on my blog in the last year because I am afraid that it will have a side ways affect on what my husband had been called to do. Which is to preach God’s word and to grow His kingdom. Not to please man and tickle your ears to make you feel good.

To make an impacted on this town, this neighborhood, this Church for God the only way we know how, by loving people.  It may not look like what you have seen in the past our what you are use to. It is from the heart.

I now live in the desert in more ways than one, I have followed my husband and believe this is God’s calling for our lives. Because that is my calling, to follow my husband in all things and to give God all the glory.







Gods Will Be Done!

My heart is troubled with the burdens of this life. I worry (or I like to call it thinking about things) but really it is worry. 

I know that God calls me to no worry and to cast all my cared upon Him. So why do I hang on to them? Do I not trust the Lord to lead me!

Many of us in this life struggle with the same burden. We planned so much for tomorrow that we forget to live in today. 

The fact is God is in control and I need to find rest in Him. Lean in to His understanding and find peace. 

Each and every time we start to worry on tomorrow we need to give it back to The Father, for His plans for us is for His glory and they are good. I may have to do this ten times a day or one hundred. 

Walking my life in His hands means I will trust.