Where you lead I will follow!

It is hard for me to reach out and say that I need help. There are so many people that want or need something from me, how do I say “help me”.

As as pastors wife, life is hard you can’t speak of your needs for it shows how human you are. And we all know that a pastor’s wife is above it all and can handle all things right!

Not, I am just as much a woman trying to figure out this life as you are, I am just under the microscope each day and not meeting your needs.

I have not shared much on my blog in the last year because I am afraid that it will have a side ways affect on what my husband had been called to do. Which is to preach God’s word and to grow His kingdom. Not to please man and tickle your ears to make you feel good.

To make an impacted on this town, this neighborhood, this Church for God the only way we know how, by loving people.  It may not look like what you have seen in the past our what you are use to. It is from the heart.

I now live in the desert in more ways than one, I have followed my husband and believe this is God’s calling for our lives. Because that is my calling, to follow my husband in all things and to give God all the glory.







Gods Will Be Done!

My heart is troubled with the burdens of this life. I worry (or I like to call it thinking about things) but really it is worry. 

I know that God calls me to no worry and to cast all my cared upon Him. So why do I hang on to them? Do I not trust the Lord to lead me!

Many of us in this life struggle with the same burden. We planned so much for tomorrow that we forget to live in today. 

The fact is God is in control and I need to find rest in Him. Lean in to His understanding and find peace. 

Each and every time we start to worry on tomorrow we need to give it back to The Father, for His plans for us is for His glory and they are good. I may have to do this ten times a day or one hundred. 

Walking my life in His hands means I will trust.

One great father!

If you have read my story you know that father’s were not someone to trust in life.

I am thankful that God has shown me that no matter what this world’s father’s have done to me, I must forgive them.

They have no power over me as I let go of the anger and the hate that I have held on to. I forgive those father’s that taught me to hate.

Only the Heavenly Father can heal all pain and show you that forgiveness is the only way to live with what you have survived
If you can forgive you can move on in life and marry the man that your father should have been, like my husband who has been a
daddy and father for our kids. Not saying perfect but better than most.


Happy Father’s day to all the dad’s that know how to love
your kids. Like my son’s in love and there babies. As always love you honey for showing me what a daddy should be.

All but me Lord!


Yesterday I was blessed by getting the chance to be at the 110th anniversary of the Azusa street revival held at the Los Angeles Coliseum. The event was called AzusaNow. If you want to be blessed beyond belief, look it up on God TV or YouTube. This is a picture of a group of people around a man down on on field after been healed. He was in a wheelchair. We watched as the small group prayed for this man, he stood up but did not walk. They continued to pray and he stood again and took a step or two and was back down. This went on for more than an hour and a half, the whole time the small group was not giving up on him and he is not giving in to doubt. Mind you, we are all worshiping and praying with that small group as the program goes on around them. Then the crowd breaks out in a roar as the man is up and walking without help!!!!! Not just one or two steps but walking across the field, really moving by his own two feet.

Now I know some will not believe that this can be real and say that it is not so. That is okay. I know in my heart that my Heavenly Father can heal….

One of the most important questions is, ‘Do we want to be healed?’ Some are where they are for a reason and a season. Then you have some that are afraid to surrender, or admit they even have a need of healing. Even with all that I witnessed yesterday and all that I know to be true of my Father in heaven, I did not ask, I did not surrender to the call for prayer. Why? That is for a different day. But for today, know that I walked out of that coliseum like someone leaving Survivor with a idle in their pocket!

No matter what the world thinks of you, ask for prayer, seek Gods face.




With God all things are possable.


You can begin again!